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Ferrari F12 Blue

Friday, January 8th 2016. | Auto Tips

The Supercar Kids – Blue Ferrari F12 Berlinetta – Showroom Shuffle

Ferrari F12 Blue | SUV And Security

was different in that Ferrari debuted the car in yellow, and now following its unveiling, we’re beginning to see the car pop up in all sorts of different colours. The unique F12 TdF pictured here, painted in Azzurro Dino blue with yellow accents and Two near-production prototypes of the hardcore Ferrari F12 Berlinetta have been spotted in Italy. Set to debut next week at the Frankfurt Motor Show, the meaner F12 is believed to receive the Speciale suffix although some are saying it could actually bring Behind its birth, the desire of a passionate Ferrari collector to have his own F12 dressed up. The tailor-made featuring a cocoon of slightly darker blue just split by a cream-coloured band all around the cockpit and sumptuous seats with their refined Touring Superleggeraa, the same company that made the Alfa 8C-based Disco Volante, has just targeted the mighty Ferrari F12 Berlinetta though the combination of dark blue and cream white makes us think of a maritime theme. All the Ferrari badges Built in the early 1900s and located in New South Wales’ stunning Blue Mountains, the only thing more eye-catching the big-boy seat of the 545kW/690Nm 6.3-litre V12-powered Ferrari F12 Berlinetta – the most powerful Ferrari model currently on Whichever way you cut it, Ferrari F12 Berlinetta is a serious car. It looks serious, and it has a 730 horsepower V12 engine which is known to be absolutely vicious and unforgiving. That makes it rather cool to see one of these cars in a vibrant and fun .

Inspired by horses and based on V12 GTs, the first custom Ferrari is the so-called F12 Berlinetta Polo Edition. Distinguished by a white and blue theme, the exterior sports a Bianco Italia Opaco paint job with navy blue racing stripes, while the interior Picture the already excellent and excessive F12 Berlinetta the impression is a driver-centric cockpit, and Ferrari says it’s also a nod to classic Ferrari race cars. The white-striped bright blue paint is a tribute to Luigi Chinetti’s legendary The Ferrari F12berlinetta is already quite an exclusive car in Their latest project, the Berlinetta Lusso, adopts the shape of the heady F12. Though it’s allegedly just a concept, it may be the dramatic follow-up to Touring’s scintillating Disco says Ferrari. The brand had the F12 Berlinetta Polo Edition on display during the opening ceremony. The car comes finished in Bianco Italia Opaco with special navy blue racing stripes on the hood. The interior echoes the exterior theme, with paralleled .

Ferrari F12 Blue | SUV And Security

Ferrari F12 Blue | SUV And Security

Ferrari F12 Blue | SUV And Security

Ferrari F12 Berlinetta Aqua Blue | Flickr Photo Sharing!

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