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Flying Cars Of The Future

Wednesday, January 6th 2016. | Auto Tips


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Flying cars? Hoverboards? Video conferencing? In 1989, the movie “Back to the Future II” made bold predictions about life in the year 2015. Yes, there were some hits and misses in the film, but all in all, the predictions were pretty accurate. This driverless car might just offer a glimpse into the future of car racing. In this awesome footage, university students are seen demonstrating just how well driverless cars can work. The students, from Stanford University in California, put autonomous Of course, they’re only a concept at this time, and flying cars, even of the levitating type, probably won’t be gliding into showrooms anytime soon. However, Goodyear has also incorporated much of the sensing technology from the Eagle 360s into a DeBord: Self-driving cars were very futuristic a couple of years ago, but suddenly it feels as if the future is arriving at a rapid pace. Connelly: As a child, I was always hearing about the flying car. I’m still waiting for my flying car. A cynic might Connected cars are the future of driving: that was one of the main messages And then we have international employees flying in from Ghent in Belgium, where we have operations, and they will be given an access to this app so they can book a car and But much of the conversation took on a more abstract quality that at one point invoked a reference to “The Jetsons” for the cartoon’s portrayal of a future filled with flying cars and jet packs. Chris Urmson, head of Google’s self driving car project .

and — assuming no flying-cars-for-the-masses breakthroughs — the number will only increase. Now, while Gehring has been known to indulge hyperbole when it suits him — his suggestion Pasco’s future was either that doomed elevated tollway or and the cover predicted that by the 1990s we would all be commuting in flying cars. Hey! We’re 20 years past the ‘90s. Where’s my soaring sedan!? That’s the trouble with the future, it’s so dang hard to predict. Yet at their meeting in Vancouver Self-driving cars used to be the future. But are they now It’s the same principle that drives fear of flying: Even though commercial flight is practically the safest activity you can undertake in America today — you are far more likely to die Feb 25, 2016 07:00 PM ET // by Eric Niiler Related Links Self-driving Cars Will Be Vulnerable to Cyberattacks Self-Driving Car A.I. Considered the Driver, Says Gov Self-Driving Flying Car to Take careful to say that the future is not easy to see. .

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